2009-08-29 12:29 am
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New PC update:

Things arrived.

Case looks sexy, but is a piece of crap to fit everything in. Much force and hacksaws was used.
Everything else works well and fine.

Room no longer smells of burnt solder. Huzzah!

I booted into the XP install form the previous system without removing any drivers in safe mode. To my suprise and amazement, it didn't bluescreen despite drastically different hardware - ATI graphics from Nvidia, ATI chipset from Nvidia, AC97-codec sound from SBAudigy4, etc. It just took a tad longer to boot up (as it does with new hardware found) and asked for disks. I really hate to admit it, but I was impressed.

Now I have to recover the raid partition, which held my unimportant data. A 'demo' version of a disinternals raid recovery thingy found the partition and files, but refused to recover due to it being a demo and all. I'm feeling somewhat hopeful that I won't have to download over 400gigs of crap again.